We are a coalition of independent health organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons affected with chronic illness, conditions and disabilities.  
Thank You!

As of January 1st 2019 we have decided to "Retire" the Chroinic Illness Awareness Coalition. 

We have purposely used the word “retire” because we feel it best fits what is happening. Much like when a person retires, they do not go away or disappear, they reflect and enjoy their accomplishments and hand off the mission to the next generation. 

  Although the CIAC will be retired and not operate as it has, going forward both the spirit and mission of the CIAC will continue with all of us. The CIAC has positively impacted many lives and helped bring reforms to the health care industry over its 30 plus years in existence. The CIAC has hosted educational events, provided funds for wheelchair ramps, set up health insurance enrollment and health fairs and honored those with awards for courage in the battle against chronic illness. The CIAC has also helped many local health care businesses network, share best practices and find access to different treatments options for their patients, friends and family. 

 This is an extraordinary list of accomplishments and achievements for any size nonprofit and it is safe to say the CIAC can retire knowing it has made a positive impact in the chronic illness community.  

Again Thank You! to everyone who has helped us and worked with us over the years!