With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many Americans have been able to get affordable health insurance for the first time.  By most reports, the uninsured rate has dropped to approximately 28 million Americans by the end of 2015, putting the total uninsured at historic lows.  But that doesn't mean there's still not work to do. 

Many with chronic illness are still struggling to pay for prescription drugs, finding a doctor that accepts their medical plan, getting reliable information on how to get tax credits to lower their monthly premium, accessing medicaid or children's health programs.
​The Chronic Illness Awareness Coalition has put together some resources for you to find help paying for and enrolling to health coverage and prescription assistance.  

​If you need hep paying for your monthly health insurance premium, go to:

Health Insurance Marketplace website

​to find out if you qualify for advance premium tax credits to help lower your monthly payment.  It will even let you know if you qualify for Medicaid or Children Health plan.  

C.I.A.C. Member organizations that can help you with Individual, Healthcare.gov plans, Medicare and other insurances.  

Pollicella Insurance Agency

Federal and State programs to help lower costs of medical coverage and ways to apply for prescriptions assistance.  

Medicare RX Assistance 

Partnership for Prescription Assistance ​

Michigan MediGap Subsidy

Michigan Health Endowment fund

Other Resources ​

Homeless Assistance for Michigan 

United Way 211

Veterans Health Administration 

Free Clinics in Michigan 

The CIAC does not approve or research the above links 
other then providing a resource for you to research.  
Uninsured or Need RX Help?